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There is collective wisdom and support when people come together to share their experience. Support groups for people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease or a related disorder provide an opportunity to share experiences and talk with others about dealing with challenges, and continuing to live a meaningful life.

People with dementia offer very special gifts to each other when they are introduced to each other. While his family may grieve the loss of their father the reconstructive surgeon, I meet the man and discover a multitude of strengths he has right now. He is a new person to me, and I can reflect back to him the "new person" he has become.


Source: Forgiving Forgetting and Building a Circle of Friends by Carole Mulliken

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Our early stage support groups are for the person with a physician’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or a related disorder, who is comfortable discussing their diagnosis and symptoms, and wants the opportunity to talk with others in a group setting. Most groups include a group for a care partner that meets at the same time in a separate room. Pre-screening is required prior to enrollment. For more information about our support groups, please select the city nearest you from the list on the left or contact Judy Filippoff at 800.272.3900.

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